Matrix Repatterning

Matrix Repatterning (MR) is a form of manual therapy developed by Dr. George Roth throughout the past 30 years. MR is most practiced in Canada, especially in the Ontario region, near Toronto. At the Matrix Institute, Dr. Roth offers certification training for healthcare practitioners throughout the world. Turnagain Functional Therapy is the first clinic to offer MR in the state of Alaska.

Matrix Repatterning

Matrix repatterning is a gentle manual therapy that has been shown to have a positive influence on the following conditions:

To learn more about Matrix Repatterning please visit Dr. George Roth’s website here.

Therapeutic Process for Matrix Repatterning

First Session

Initial evaluation of postural balance, nervous system function, ranges of motion, muscle balance, and individualized tests related to therapy goals.


Treat areas of primary injuries with manual therapy, use functional neurology techniques to balance the nervous system, and develop a home therapy program.


Measure progress based on initial evaluation and goals at regular intervals. As needed, recommend complementary therapies to help client’s reach their therapy goals based on their specific needs.

Rates & Insurance

Cash Rate

Initial Evaluation


One-Hour Treatment Session



Turnagain Functional Therapy is a preferred provider for Aetna. Insurance claims for EBMS and other sub-contracted Aetna plans are covered by our Aetna contract. Insurance coverage for our services varies based on individual contracts negotiated with each insurance company. Please contact your insurance provider to inquire about their specific coverage for our services.

Recommended questions to guide your benefits inquiry with your insurance company:

Service Codes

Some insurance providers may want to know specific CPT codes that we bill for during therapy. Here are the CPT codes we most commonly bill for our services:


CPT Code

Occupational Therapy Evaluation (low complexity) 


Manual Therapy 


Therapeutic Activity


Therapeutic Exercise


Medicare Coverage

Currently our services are not covered by Medicare. If you are a Medicare beneficiary and have secondary insurance that covers OT services you can submit your claim to Medicare (for denial so your claim can be processed by your secondary insurance) and then to your secondary insurance for reimbursement. We will provide an insurance superbill at the time of service that can be used to submit your claims. Here is a link to the form you need to submit your claim to Medicare.


Please contact our office with any additional questions. We look forward to working with you!